Mono Concentrates

Mono concentrates or Single Pigment Concentrates (SPC) as they are popularly known, are pre-dispersed pigments encapsulated in a suitable carrier resin.

Typically, these mono concentrates have a pigment or dye percentage ranging from 20% to 70% depending on the type of pigment / dye and carrier resin. These mono concentrates are widely used by small to medium scale masterbatch manufacturers, carpet and fiber manufacturing companies, etc. Many compounders also use these mono concentrates to run their plants in a dust free environment.

Most of our mono concentrates are stock items and some are made to order. We currently offer mono concentrates in PE, PP, PET and PBT carrier resins.

SuperBatch : Rajiv’s Range of Monos : Fast, Flexible & Dust Free!

Our toll compounding expertise includes:

Critical Color Matching

Turning around Recyclable Material into Quality Re-usable Polymer

Color Corrections

High Performance Applications

Converting your Polymer into Specialty Filled Compounds or with Additives

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