Rajiv Plastics commenced manufacturing Compostable Biopolymer Compounds and Masterbatches in 2019 under the brand name TerraVioTM. We have PLA, PBAT, PBS and PHB based biopolymer compounds for –

  • Blown Film
  • Injection Moulding
  • Sheet Extrusion
  • 3D Filament Manufacturing

These are 100% compostable compounds and are compliant to EN 13432 and ISO 17088 norms.

We also have a range of Masterbatches to be used with Biopolymer compounds. The coloration of biodegradable polymers requires a careful selection of pigments which comply with the European Norm EN 13432. This norm defines the characteristics that a material has to possess in order to be considered ‘compostable’, namely that it can be recycled through organic recovery (composting and anaerobic digestion). This standard applies to plastic packaging. One important requirement is the very low level of heavy metals allowed in the compost. All our biopolymer colour masterbatches comply with EN 13432 when dosed at the recommended let down ratios.

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