Sometimes an application requires a material that has some properties of one polymer, and some of another. Instead of synthesizing a completely new polymer with all the properties you want, we modify and blend polymers and additives together to get the desired properties you are looking for. We can even add a colorant or an additive package to the compound developed for you.

Here are a few of the many types of Compounds and Blends we offer:

Flame Retardant Compounds for All Commodity & Engineering Plastics

Glass Reinforced Compounds in PA and PP

Alloys and Blends such as PC+ABS, PC+ASA, etc.

Pre-Colored Compounds

Pearl Compounds


Purging Compounds

Some of our Industry Famous Compounds are:

AkuBlend™ : PC / ABS / PMMA / PA / PBT / ASA / POM / PPO

AkuFil™        : Talc and mineral filled compounds

AkuPurge™ : Purging Compounds

AkuPlene™ : Glass filled PP compounds from 10% to 30% Glass Fiber. Chemically coupled grades available.

RajAmide™ : Glass and Mineral filled compounds in PA6 and PA6,6 from 10% to 33% Glass Fiber

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