Pre-Colored Resins

Pre-Colored Resins

We understand that you can’t always get the resin of your choice and in the color you want; or, for that matter, with a combined color and additive package.

Leave your worries to us and let one of our technical representatives formulate a suitable compound as per your requirement. Whatever your need may be – color, UV, nucleators, impact modifiers, anti-oxidants, or anything else, we are here to help.

Here are the advantages of a pre-colored resin / additive package :

  • You don’t have to Source the Resin. We’ll do that for you.
  • No Need to Source the Colorant. We’ll incorporate it in the Resin.
  • No Need to Source the Additive. We’ll take care of this too!

We have the capability to offer you resin packages for the following plastics:

Styrenics : PS, HIPS, SAN, ABS, MABS, SPS, ASA
Engineering Plastics : PA, POM, PMMA, PC, PET, PBT
Other Plastics : PET, EVA, etc.